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9 Best Exercises To Help You Burn 2000 Calories A Day

Want to burn 2000 calories a day? If yes, let us tell you it is easier said than done. Working out might be super fun and effective for your body, but overdoing this could lead to some serious repercussions. Read more

14 Mean Green Juice Recipes to Get Rid of Belly Fat

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What Causes Hair Breakage?

You can solve a problem if you know its root cause. Hair breakage can be prevented or reduced if you know all the information behind this pesky effect. Hair breakage and hair loss is often caused by our desire to be trendy and stylish. The tight buns, the Croydon facelift, the weaves we sport or the hair extensions that we pick can cause hair breakage, hair loss and in worst case scenarios, these hairstyles can cause traction alopecia. 

Braids and weaves that are too tight will cause irreparable damage to one’s hair. So hair breakage is something that we can control. We can avoid all of this by staying informed and by choosing some beautiful hairstyles that are also safe and recommended for our hair type. I prefer a hairstyle that flatters my face and that doesn’t destroy my hair. There are so many safe hairstyling techniques out there that I’m sure that any woman can find the right one for her, too. Read More

15 Tantalizing Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

I was recently working on a guest post for Delicious Obsessions about the ingredients in perfume and the nasty side effects they can cause. I’ve always been sensitive to perfumes so I love the idea of making my own perfume. When I started researching, it wasn’t that easy to find homemade perfume recipes with the essential oil measurements listed. As a newbie to essential oils, I want things spelled out and clear. I’m not quite ready to experiment on my own yet.  So I persevered and until I found 15 tantalizing perfume recipes to share with you today. Read More

interesting and inspiring article about jennifer's health routine. a reminder that we can all learn to do better throughout our lives, and it's never too late!

Arriving on the set of her new film Just Go With It in Los Angeles this week, Jennifer Aniston looked a decade younger than her 41 years.  Her stunning cream dress had men drooling and women asking: 'How on earth does she do it?'Perhaps it was a message for her recent co-star Gerard Butler, who was this week linked to a French TV presenter, despite rumours he and Jen are an item. Some might argue that her fifth decade has seen Jennifer transform from the girl next door into a true screen beauty - she is nothing like the slightly frumpy girl we first saw playing Rachel Green in Friends in 1994.  Now, 16 years, two reported nose jobs, two stone lighter, and many personal trainers later, she is the woman all women want to look like.  Read more Source

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes? Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally

How to get rid of dark circles naturally? How to get rid of dark circles under eyes? Well there are many easy and proven ways on how to get rid of eye dark circles and you can try them at your own home without the need to buy expensive ready made cosmetics. Getting rid of dark circles under eyes is not as hard as you think. There are many professionally proven ways to remove dark circles permanently and homemade remedies to remove dark circles. These home remedies to get rid of dark circles are popular among women who wants the solution naturally. Click on the link below to learn more about getting rid of dark circles under your eyes. Source

How to Banish Sun Spots | Beauty Bets

Circuit Training Workouts For Moms| Abs Workout|

You might know circuit workouts before for its super intense workouts. Circuit workouts are best for hard and tight abs and an overall strengthened body. Cardio strength training workouts or super circuit workouts will help you achieve your dream body in no time, because these exercises are super hard and intense but very short. That means that you do not need to spend hours doing this workout. Doing circuit workout for a long duration of time and without taking can damage your body. The good thing about circuit workout is that you do not need to go to the gym to do all the workouts in fact you can do most of these workouts at your home and you do not need any kind of workout machines. Click on the link below for instructions and detailed tutorials with pictures and videos. For more information click on the source link source

DIY Sinus Congestion Soak Bath at Home

Sinus can be very frustrating sometimes. To get rid of sinus in minutes, all you need is the following ingredients.
1 cup of Epsom Salt
Half Cup of Baking Soda
A Jar
Peppermint essential oils to get rid of headache
Eucalyptus essential oil that helps as decongestant
Green food coloring is optional
Click on the link below to read the full directions and procedures.  source

How To Tone Your Thighs And How To Tone Your Butt? 5 Best Workout Routines |

How do you lose weight in your thighs and how do lose weight in your butt? Are you looking for best exercise for inner thighs and butts? These are some of the best workouts for thighs and workouts of butt that will tone your thigh and butt in no time. You do not need to spend lots of money on workout programs and you can do it at home. Lose thigh fat and lose butt fat with these effective workout routines. In this article, we will show you the best workout routines on how to tone your thighs and how to tone your butt. You will lose thigh fat fast and you will lose butt fat fast. To find out more about this absolutely awesome workout routine, click on the link below to see full instructions with easy detailed tutorials. You will love it. Source

22 DIY Home Repairs| Home Appliances Repairs| Home Repairs

Spent thousands of dollars on water damage home repairs, home furnace repair, garage door repairhome plumbing repair, home appliances repairs? Why not just learn the basics and then repair it on your own. Why spend thousands on the repairing of those things that can be repaired by you. Yes you!! You might be paying lots of money on home maintenance insurance and other small home repairs. for more click on the source

Do These 5 Things Before Bed and Wake Up Happier | Healthy Sleeping Habits|

This is true that if you are a busy mom then you will have a busy day and at the end of the day when you go to sleep there will be lots of things that remain undone and it will have a direct effect on your next day. To improve your sleeping habits, there are certain things that you need to take care of before you go to bed. There are many things that remain undone during day time and it takes away your sleep. To work better at day time, we need to have healthy sleeping habits and with lots of things remained undone, it is really difficult for you not to think about all those things and ultimately you won't have a good night. Click on the link below to read more. I am sure that it will make a huge difference in your life and you will be much more happier than ever before.Source

5 ways to male yourself morning workout person | No need to Exercise In Gym

Early to the bed and early to rise is the secret behind a healthy mind . After waking up early no need to go to any Gym center you can be a good morning person at your own home you can manage your own  personal training workouts.. No need to do any exercise in Two person workout .You can do it by yourself .. for more click on the source link

5 Unconventional Things That Make You Prettier | How to clear your skin fast

The most common issue among girls is How to make your skin clear ?  Yeah! right its the most asking and thinking question , but there is no need to be worry , You can clear your skin by very simple and easy way. The most important thing is wash your face . For more information about how to get your face clear click on the source link source

Honey and Tea Tree Oil face peel, removes blackheads and conditions skin | Best ideas to nose blackhead removal

If you are thinking How to get rid of blackheads on Nose then no need to be worry you can do it , There is 
no need to go to the skin specialist . You can get rid of blackheads via very simple methods .When blackheads
start appearing mostly people used to treat via laser face peel, but this method may hurt your skin ,, To read the
methods click on the source link .. Source

Easy weight loss program | Yoga poses to get rid of weight

Increasing weight is the most issue among us , There are so many questions how to get rid of weight within in week or months , So its not that difficult , there are many weight loss program .  Is there anybest weight loss program ,, Yes there is, Like there are many easy Yoga Poses which helps you in easy weight loss.  For more information click on the source link Source

16 Eyebrow Diagrams That Will Explain Everything To You

10 Professional Tips To Lose 10 Pounds In 30 Days | How to lose pounds via easy 10 steps

Nobody in this world wants to become fat so that they looks ugly . If you also have the same issue with your weight then no need to be worry there are so many simple and easy tips to losing weight. You can easily lose 10 pounds fast within few days by professional tips which i am
going to share with you , You can easily loss 20 pounds if you follow my steps carefully .. For more information 
click here Source

25 Short Hair Styles For Women

If you recently had a haircut and you are not finding any style for your new haircut then this is the perfect place for you to find some of the fancy and beautiful short hair styles for women..We have some of the most beautiful and awesome haircut styles for you. You won't be crying for losing your long hairs again.Click on the link below to read about all the different hairstyles with instructions and pictures. - See more at Source

3 Model-Approved Facial Exercises for Glowing Skin

e unofficial law of working out states that when you exercise consistently and correctly, you see results in the form of a leaner, tighter, stronger body. Why else would we shell out money for expensive gym memberships, or take crazy classes that leave us in a puddle of sweat and tears? Science (and Instagram’s #beforeafter hashtag) has proven that exercise can transform our bodies, so what if we told you it could also change your skin? For more click here Source

12 Denim Tips Every Girl Should Know: How To Wash Jeans, Break Them In, and Fold Them Like a Pro

The perfect pair of jeans can be a big investment—some high-end labels clock in at upwards of $200—yet when it comes to tips about taking care of these precious commodities, there seems to be a great deal of mystery. Use the machine, don’t use the machine, wash by hand, don’t ever wash—it can get confusing. Read more at source link 


I don’t know about you, but I have been SERIOUSLY slacking with my exercise routine lately.  It started about a week before my father-in-law saw me naked over the Christmas holidays, it got worse while I was slaving over the redesign of my blog, and it’s been spiraling out of control ever since. And then this morning I made the fatal mistake of putting in my contacts BEFORE I had my shower, caught a glimpse of myself in our full-length mirror as I was toweling myself off, and had the shock of my life. For more click here Source

Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is the most gently hair removal process at this moment, used in many beauty salons. With this recipe I will show you how simple is to prepare it at home! Using sugar instead of traditional wax is becoming more and more a trend among women. The main reason is that sugar waxing is much less painful than traditional waxing. This process is perfect especially if you have sensitive skin. It also offers you a gently skin exfoliation so you will end up not only with hairless but also with baby skin. Click here for more ,Source

10 Home Remedies on How to get rid of Pimples in a Day

Pimples are skin inflammations and its major cause is the infection of oil glands in our skin. The oil glands get infected with bacteria, swell up and fill with pus. Excess secretion of sebum by the oil glands is the main reason behind it. Pimples occur on your face, neck and your shoulder. Although pimples are not a critical health problem, but it can make you feel miserable due to its appearance on your face.  - See more at source

5 Things You Need To Consider Before A Haircut

6 Professional Tricks for Flawless Foundation

Foundation is one of the daily used makeup product by us but without knowing how to use it properly can make you look bad and you can not hide the mistake. These 6 tips from professionals will help you get a flawless foundation. - See more at Source

Five Beauty Tricks To Make Your Face Look Thinner

Look good is everyone's desire and we all spend a lot of money and energy to look good and sexy. If your face is beautiful then you will look good overall without any major beauty transformation. We spend a lot of money in buying products to make our face look beautiful.

Here are some of the top tips on how to make your face look thinner and beautiful without spending a lot of money or energy. Click on the link below to read more. You will love it :) The full article is at our friends blog Merakilane

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8 Ways to get rid of black knees and elbows